The Clothing Shop Circa 1990

The Clothing Shop Circa 1990


It all started when...

The History of The Neighborhood League

In 1912, nine women from Wayne organized The Neighborhood League "to promote moral, social and physical betterment in the community." A visiting nurse was secured and would provide health care by horse and buggy to the less fortunate. Initial funds were provided by the founding members and in their first year they received additional funds from subscribers. A committee was also formed to co-operate with local charities while establishing friendly co-operation with the needy themselves.

1925 – A small shop opened on North Wayne Avenue at a rent of $50 per month. The objective was to sell second hand items such as clothing, furniture and bric-a-brac at affordable prices.

1931 – The Women's Exchange opened as a response to the Depression, giving women a way to augment their incomes by selling home made goods. The shop moved to Lancaster Avenue in 1932.

1944 – The buildings on Lancaster Avenue and 8 Louella Court were purchased in the name of The Neighborhood League.

1945 – The Women's Exchange Tea Room opened on the second floor.

1946 – The Children's Shop opened on Louella Court selling consigned children's clothing. Clothing Consignment and the Business Office opened above it.

1954 – Alley Door opened in its current location. The shop sold donated items only.

1957 – The Tea Room closed and The Children's Shop moved to the rooms over the Women's Exchange on Lancaster Avenue. Clothing Consignment moved downstairs on Louella Court.

1958 – The Neighborhood League and The Women's Exchange separate, each with its own Board of Directors.

1965 – The Neighborhood League increased their visiting nurse services and became The Neighborhood League of the Upper Main Line.

1980 – The Neighborhood League of the Upper Main Line merged with The Visiting Nurse Association of Central Chester County and became Home Health Services of Chester County and Vicinity.

1985 – Home Health Services of Chester County & Vicinity restructured and became three subsidiaries; The Visiting Nurse Association of Chester County and Vicinity, Hospice of Chester County, and Neighborhood League Health Services.

1996 – The Neighborhood League Shops became a 501(c)(3) foundation to support local charities.

Today – The Neighborhood League continues to thrive, helping countless numbers of people in our community.