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Seriously, we love hearing from you. We are all volunteers, and are here doing what we love, because we have a good time together and it  makes us feel good to give back. There is a strong sense of community here and we look forward to our time in the shops. The days are just that much more special when we hear good things from people like you. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Yelp and share the good times and great finds to be had here with your friends and neighbors. We look forward to seeing you, and thank you for your support.




I've been going here for the past 32 years. My favorite thrift store(s) on the Main Line! You find true gems here and the staff is full of the nicest people you'll ever meet.  JC, Devon

Varied, affordable, organized, convenient, with a wide selection. Located in Downtown Wayne, Neighborhood League is an incredible jewel that has so much to offer -- be it the clothing shop upstairs, the home goods store downstairs, or the Alley Door thrift shop in the back, these 3 stores have something for everyone. I buy a lot of my clothes, and home needs from them. They have affordable beautiful artwork, jewelry, kitchenware, and even furniture at times. A group of lovely ladies (all volunteers) run the stores, and they're always helpful and kind. Definitely worth the visit!  MJ, Wayne

Been shopping here for 20 years. I've found so many wonderful items. NM, via Facebook

I had the opportunity to visit your shop today for the 1st time & absolutely LOVED IT!
I like the shopping atmosphere, the clothing was well organized & the clerks are super friendly; not to mention the prices are fantabulous! I picked up a lovely Coach Satchel, in mint condition that I'd purchase online, went to the store to pick it up & my other purchases...lets just say.....I left out of there extremely pleased & smiling‼️
For sure The Neighborhood League Shops haven't seen the last of GM & Thank You for a Wonderful Shopping Experience! GM via Facebook

Wow!  That's all I can say in regards to this thrift shop.  In their front window is a tantalizing selection of Wedgwood bowls and etched-glass goblets that beckon you to come in and browse, and what beautiful things await inside!  This is the place to go to buy pretty bric-a-brac for your home at a price that won't kill your wallet.  While you're shopping, don't forget to peruse the clothing section upstairs.  I got several cute tops there during this past summer's bag sale and will make a point to return when I need more clothes this winter.  The ladies who work in the shop are all very sweet and so helpful.  Check this place out!  TM, Havertown

This is absolutely one of the best consignment shops I've been to. 100% of the proceeds are donated. PJ via Facebook

The store has some great stuff. I love it here!! JD, Philadelphia

Terrific Place. ML via Facebook


The NL shops are actually a collection of shops. The main "bric-a-brac" shop is right on Lancaster Avenue but there is also a great clothing shop right upstairs. Plus, in the alley next to the bric-a-brac shop there is a basement thrift store called The Alley Door. These stores are really chock full of some great stuff - jewelry, designer clothing, china, artwork... and at really good prices. I have taken home MANY treasures that I still enjoy. If you have not been there yet you should check out all 3 shops in the heart of downtown Wayne! PA, Ardmore

This is the consummate consignment shop! A LOT of something for everyone! Love it.  ES via Facebook

Fabulous Finds upstairs and downstairs. I love that I'm helping the local economy, local charities and the environment by buying recycled items that are so much fun. DP via Facebook